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Ordino Arcalís 2021 - 2022 News


Ordino Arcalís is an extraordinary resort that offers a unique sense of freedom to all that ski there. A sense that is something to be appreciated today more than ever. Being able to breathe in the fresh air and feel free is the meaning of life for Ordino skiers.

Ordino Arcalís is not a straitjacketed resort, where you can't stray from the ordained path. More than anything, the Ordino Arcalís path means leaving the path.

Ordino arcalís is where the extraordinary is the everyday. Where skiing away from the slopes is promoted, not penalised.

Ordino Arcalís is covering yourself in snow and skiing until you break, fall down and get back up to ski again.

It is for this reason that the new campaign slogan was created: EXTRA ORDIN ARILY FREE


This year, Ordino Arcalís is investing around €600,000 in various improvements to the land, the gastronomic range on offer and the digitalisation of the resort’s systems and processes.  This is in addition to the €400,000 to be spent on building the new Mirador Solar de Tristaina lookout point in early summer.

The Mirador Solar de Tristaina lookout point

The Mirador Solar de Tristaina lookout point was the big new development of the summer, not only at Grandvalira Resorts but in all Andorra. Nearly 85,000 people have visited the new structure since it opened on 9 July, allowing them to enjoy spectacular 360º panoramic views over the Ordino valley and the entire Tristaina cirque glacier, with its three lakes. 

The monument consists of a 25-metre high needle at the Peyreguils summit at 2,701 metres above sea level. 



Free transport to the ski resort

This season, Grandvalira Resorts is laying on three new bus routes for visitors to Ordino Arcalís. These new lines connect the resort to all areas of Grandvalira, as well as to Andorra la Vella and the small town of Ordino. 

One of the aims of these new bus routes is to promote sustainable travel from the hotels in the centre of Andorra and the parish of Ordino (declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO) to the ski resort as part of the resort’s and parish’s Sustainable Development Goals.



What's new on the slopes

Freeride School

Ordino Arcalís is maintaining its commitment to its specialist freeride school, both for those who want to start off-piste skiing and for skiers with a more advanced level who want to explore the wildest corners of the resort, which is perfect for such activities. 

This season sees the opening of the new Freeride Academy for the country’s latest off-piste talents. This is a project designed for teenagers who want to start or improve their freeriding in a safe environment, accompanied by experienced, qualified monitors. The Freeride Academy offers 46 days of non-stop activities for skiers aged 13 to 18, who can choose between alpine skiing and snowboarding.




Kids Forest

The Kids Forest concept was launched two seasons ago at Encamp, Grau Roig and Pas de la Casa and this year will also be coming to Ordino Arcalís. This extraordinary resort will have its own areas of children’s circuits with charming animals to keeps the youngsters company, ensuring that they enjoy their first experiences on skis to the full and have fun in the snow.




The service has two levels – intermediate and advanced. In the former, the idea is to discover the hidden corners of the ski sectors using the blue and red ski runs while in the latter case, the guides mainly take visitors on red and black slopes. Skiguiding is possible using both skis and snowboards and is available in all languages.

The aim is to ensure that the maximum number of people can enjoy a full day’s skiing togethe

Sorteny Shelter

Snowshoeing and mountain skiing enthusiasts will find it easier to visit the most iconic spots in the area thanks to the new signposting marking out the circuits for both activities.

All the circuits are at expert level and can be discovered with the Grandvalira Mountain Guides (GMG), who will be leading the excursions along these new routes.



What's new at our restaurants

El Hortell has been fully renovated to become a buffet/cafeteria serving healthy, organic dishes, while Planells has kept its normal range of food with the addition of more wholesome products. The restaurant at Portelles, the highest in Andorra, maintains its mountain spirit with a focus on traditional, old-fashioned cooking, while also introducing changes to the presentation.

The renowned La Coma restaurant on the ground floor has kept its brasserie style, while on the main floor the new Trattoria Gamberra can be found. The outside terrace has become the Beer Garden, sponsored by Heineken, at which concerts and performances will be held throughout the winter.



Dynamic pricing

This season, Grandvalira resorts will feature a new ski pass sales strategy, with the introduction of a dynamic pricing policy. This formula, which has become standard for airlines and the hotel sector, is based on a fluctuation of the amount depending on the time of year and day of the week, meaning that the resort can better adapt pricing to demand.

The new system, which has been introduced in association with the Swiss consultancy firm Pricenow, promotes the use of digital channels within the skiing world. It is only available on the Grandvalira and Ordino Arcalís websites, on which daily ski passes can be bought at a guaranteed minimum price. This will reward customers who reserve their passes earliest with lower prices that will be up to 15% cheaper than at resort ticket offices.

Grandvalira Resorts is the first ski resort on the Iberian Peninsula to introduce this variable pricing system, which also has the advantage of ensuring greater control over the resorts’ daily capacity.


New e-commerce

Grandvalira Resorts continues to lead the way with the transformation of its digital ecosystem. The 2021-2022 season will see a further step forward with the redesign of its e-commerce platform, which until now could be found at, integrating it within the corporate website.

This new platform, which prioritizes the user experience, will be phased in over winter. One of the main aims has been the creation of a flexible, intuitive, harmonious and fully functional system. This is a totally personalized project, prepared down to the smallest detail based on a technology that will greatly help to optimize the purchasing process for our customers.