General ski mountaineering rules

1.- Ski mountaineering is only permitted along marked routes and the pistes authorised by the ski resort.

2.- Never use a closed piste. All indications regarding pistes must be respected.

3.- Dogs are not allowed on ski pistes nor on marked off-piste routes.

4.- Pedestrians or people with snow shoes are not allowed on the pistes or the ski mountaineering routes. Specific circuits and/or authorised pistes are available for practicing this sport.

5.- Do not ski down marked, off-piste climbing routes.

6.- The slopes are especially dangerous due to the risk of collision with Alpine skiers: La Portella del Medio, Las Canals, Canaleta, La Balma and La Coma. Remember that it is Forbidden the practice of skiing; of mountaineering out of the 5 marked itineraries.

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