The season pass Vallnord is still active

The Vallnord winter season pass is the only commercial product currently maintained between the two seasons and from the 19-20 season it will be called "Valls del Nord'. This ski pass is only valid for the winter and will be used for skiing both at the Massana ski resort, Vallnord - Pal Arinsal, and Ordino Arcalís.

As for the Vallnord brand, since the summer of 2019 the two companies that own Vallnord, EMAP and SECNOA, can use the brand indistinctly for the next three years (until 2022), as agreed between the two companies, thus ensuring its permanence. The period of three years will serve to study and evaluate the future of the brand and once this time has elapsed, its exploitation will be decided. The priority of this agreement is to avoid a negative impact for the country, for tourism and for skiing.

The most important point of this agreement is the continuity of the season pass of the stations, action that will allow users to ski indistinctly to the two stations, as until now.The commercial name of the ski pass will be "'Valls del Nord'' and it will have the same price for all residents in the Principality. As for the other customers, promotions and loyalty discounts will be maintained.

In this way, it is important to emphasize that the consumers of the season pass will not have any affectation, since the prices are maintained, the antiquity is respected, and the users will be able to enjoy indistinctly the two seasons in an unlimited way during the dates of opening.

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