Andorra ski resorts. Ordino Arcalís, Vallnord and Grandvalira
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Des de la passada temporada, l’estació d’Ordino Arcalís està integrada de ple en la marca Grandvalira Resorts. D’aquesta manera, tots els forfets de l’estació de Grandvalira són vàlids a Ordino Arcalís, inclòs el de temporada.

Així mateix, Ordino Arcalís compta amb un forfet de temporada propi que permet esquiar fins a quatre dies als 210 km de pistes del domini de referència del sud d’Europa. D’aquesta manera, Grandvalira Resorts suma un total de 240 km de pistes, situant-se entre les primeres destinacions d’esquí europees pel que fa a superfície.

New season pass for Ordino Arcalís' unconditional customers

During the 2019/2020 snow season and coinciding with the incorporation of Ordino Arcalís into the Grandvalira group, the new season pass for Ordino season is on sale.  This is a product aimed at season ticket holders, and in addition to giving free access to Ordino Arcalís, it incorporates the possibility of using some days in Grandvalira, and will share benefits, such as discounts, and the possibility of skiing in other resorts outside Andorra.

This new season ticket will also be valid for the summer and will allow free access to the Tristaina cable car and the Creussans chairlift during the summer months (until 8 September 2019).

As far as prices and conditions are concerned, there are different categories and dates of purchase. On the one hand, there will be a rate for residents in the Principality, who will enjoy the same price regardless of the parish of residence. There will also be a specific rate for residents of Alt Urgell, and a special discount will also be applied to customers who accumulate the loyalty of the old Vallnord season pass.

There is a promotional amount until 15 September, another rate until the Fira de Andorra la Vella and after this date (28 October) the amount will change.

It should be noted that there are different categories according to age: adults, children (6-11 years), juniors (12-17 years), retirees (65-69 years); and a new lift ticket is created with a special amount for families, being able to purchase a child or junior pass at a lower price provided that it is linked to the purchase of an adult season ski pass.

The snow season at the Ordino Arcalís station will begin on the weekend of 16 November, provided that the terrain conditions are adequate, and is expected to last until 3 May 2020. Weather permitting, it is estimated to be the longest season in recent years, with 169 ski days under the right circumstances. It is important to bear in mind that Ordino Arcalís is the Andorran resort that has had the most ski days in recent years, being the first to open and the last to close.


Ordino Arcalís is part of Vallnord, but also of Grandvalira.

In the summer of 2018, the purchase of 76% of the shares by Saetde (which at the same time is the company that owns 50% of Grandvalira) was formalised. In this way, Ordino Arcalís is integrated into Grandvalira at the same time as it continues to form part of Vallnord. This represents a new scenario for customers, as they can find more possibilities to ski in the Ordino Arcalís resort, with new products and commercial formulas.

Ski in Ordino Arcalís, also with the season pass Grandvalira

After the successful incorporation of the ski supplement in Ordino Arcalís last season (18/19), Grandvalira will change the format of this product, incorporating Ordino Arcalís. In this way, all the clients who acquire the annual season ticket will be able to ski both in Grandvalira and in Ordino Arcalís indistinctly, with the same support. This will mean that a single ski pass will give access to 240 km of slopes.

Grandvalira will continue to offer advantages such as discounts in schools, restaurants and activities. Among the benefits of this new season pass that brings together the two resorts, we must highlight the free several days of skiing in other internationally renowned resorts, such as five days to Verbier 4 Vallées (Switzerland) or Kiroro (Japan), as well as free access to the French resorts of Gavarnie and Hautacam.

Season pass conditions

The season passes for Ordino Arcalís, Les Valls del Nord and Grandvalira are valid from 16 November 2019 to 3 May 2020, weather permitting.

The season pass of Ordino Arcalís gives access exclusively to the slopes of Ordino Arcalís station.

The season pass Valls del Nord allows skiing in both Ordino Arcalís and Pal Arinsal.

The season pass of Grandvalira is for Grandvalira and Ordino Arcalís.

What is Vallnord?

Vallnord is the commercial union of the ski resorts of Pal Arinsal, in La Massana, and Ordino Arcalís, in Ordino, Principality of Andorra. Skiing in the Valls del Nord of Andorra began in 1973, with the birth of Arinsal. In 1982 the Pal ski resort is created and in 1983 the Arcalís ski resort.

The companies that form part of Vallnord are SECNOA and EMAP. SECNOA is the operator of the Ordino Arcalís snowfield. In the summer of 2018, Saetde acquired 76% of the shares. The Ordino common stock holds the rest of the shares. The Pal Arinsal skiable area is managed by EMAP, which is 100% publicly owned (Comú de la Massana).

The commercial merger of the two stations to create Vallnord took place during the 2004-2005 season. Since then, the ski resorts of Pal Arinsal and Ordino Arcalís have merged commercially under the name of Vallnord, which has allowed customers to enjoy two resorts with a single pass. Despite not being physically linked, the two resorts have become one of the most complete snow and mountain destinations in the Pyrenees, with 93 kilometres of slopes.

Ordino resort has 442 hectares of skiable land, 30 km of runs, 14 ski lifts with a capacity to transport 16,500 people per hour, 101 artificial snow cannons, 5 self-managed catering points, car parks with a capacity for 1,500 vehicles, 2 ski rental points, a Ski and Snowboard School, and the prestigious Freeride School.

The drop in Ordino Arcalís ranges from 1,940 m to 2,650 m and has two different accesses for visitors. The winter season is undoubtedly the economic engine of the season. The work is constant. Every year new products and proposals for fun and leisure are presented, as well as preparing and organising a whole series of national and international events and competitions. Among the most important are the Freeride World Tour, the benchmark event in the world of Freeride.

The Freeride de Arcalís area is made up of 21 zones and 130 itineraries, divided into three categories according to the level of difficulty. Thanks to the sector's alpine profile and its privileged location, protected from the wind and with heights of up to 2,630 m, Arcalís is a paradise for freeride skiers.

On the other hand, Vallnord Pal Arinsal is made up of two sectors: Pal and Arinsal. It has a total of 63 km of slopes between 1,500 m and 2,560 m. There are currently 7 green, 18 blue, 17 red, 4 black and 5 slalom tracks.

This merger provides 1,149 hectares with a capacity for 48,210 people/hour, in a total of 93 km spread over 66 tracks. Although the sectors of Pal Arinsal have no direct connection with Ordino Arcalís by ski slope or mechanical lift, Pal and Arinsal are still connected with a cable car. However, since the 2015/2016 season both resorts have regained their name and self-management, so Vallnord is only a commercial union.

The season pass Vallnord is still active

The Vallnord winter season pass is the only commercial product currently maintained between the two seasons and from the 19-20 season it will be called "Valls del Nord'. This ski pass is only valid for the winter and will be used for skiing both at the Massana ski resort, Vallnord - Pal Arinsal, and Ordino Arcalís.

As for the Vallnord brand, since the summer of 2019 the two companies that own Vallnord, EMAP and SECNOA, can use the brand indistinctly for the next three years (until 2022), as agreed between the two companies, thus ensuring its permanence. The period of three years will serve to study and evaluate the future of the brand and once this time has elapsed, its exploitation will be decided. The priority of this agreement is to avoid a negative impact for the country, for tourism and for skiing.

The most important point of this agreement is the continuity of the season pass of the stations, action that will allow users to ski indistinctly to the two stations, as until now.The commercial name of the ski pass will be "'Valls del Nord'' and it will have the same price for all residents in the Principality. As for the other customers, promotions and loyalty discounts will be maintained.

In this way, it is important to emphasize that the consumers of the season pass will not have any affectation, since the prices are maintained, the antiquity is respected, and the users will be able to enjoy indistinctly the two seasons in an unlimited way during the dates of opening.

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