Speedride is a discipline that combines skiing with paragliding. At Ordino Arcalís we offer courses and tandem flights, and we also have an area for all Speedride fans who have become pilots and can fly on their own.

Speedride courses are held all season long with a monitor specialised in skiing and paragliding. To attend the class, students must have a high level of skiing and feel comfortable skiing off-piste. 

How the courses work:

  • Beginner students in this sport must book at least two consecutive days of courses. Once they have done the first two days, they can book days independently for the rest of the season.
  • To be become an independent Speedrider and receive authorisation to practise freely in the resort’s Speedride area, students must first take at least 8 days of courses.



2019- 2020 Prices


COURS 4 HOURS Price per person
1 - 2 people 100,00 €
3 - 4 people 90,00 €
5 or more people 80,00 €
  • Sold directly at ticket offices.
  • For every 5 days of courses, you get 1 day free. 

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