Eating in Ordino Arcalís is so easy ... Restaurants, terraces and cafes where you find a wide range of quality products.

The restaurants in Ordino Arcalís offer a variety of options prepared with top-quality ingredients, guaranteeing satisfaction for all hungry customers. Hamburgers and an array of meat, fish, pasta, vegetables, pizzas, sweets, à la carte experiences and menus are available day or night.

One feature that sets us apart is the fact that so many dishes are prepared using locally-so Currently, more than 75% of the food and products consumed in the resort come from local markets, with all the benefits that this entails for both the resort and the end consumer.

Since the launch of the Tristaina Gondola towards the end of 2018, the resort has also opened up the possibility of enjoying the restaurants to more people, with the lift allowing non-skiers to reach 2,200 metres. Everyone can share the day in an unbeatable environment, enjoying the snow and the gastronomy.

Sustainability, less plastic

The resort remains involved in upholding its environmental policies to reduce packaging. Thus, 100% of beer glasses are reusable and there is a strong commitment to reducing singledose packaging, an initiative launched last year that was very popular.

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