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Snow tubing: What is it and how to do it?

When you think of a ski resort and ski slopes, you know that the main objective is to move from the top of the slope to the bottom with as much enjoyment as possible. And, there are many ways to get from A to B. While skiing and snowboarding are the two most obvious ways to have fun on the snow, there are more options too and snow tubing is one of them. And, when it comes to snow tubing Andorra, the principality boasts one of the most impressive snow tubing runs in the entire world.

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What is snow tube?

“What is the meaning of snow tubing?” you might ask. And, it’s a fair question, as snow tubing remains somewhat of a niche activity for now. As per the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the definition of “snow tube” is “a large inflatable ring-shaped tube used for sliding down a snow-covered incline”.

Snow tubing, therefore, is the verb for what you do with a snow tube, and this activity essentially involves sitting in the inflatable rubber ring and letting gravity slide you down the slope. If you’ve ever seen or experienced sitting in an inflatable ring for a slide at a water park, snow tubing is the winter version of that.

What is snow tubing called?

While the activity is simple enough to understand, especially when you see it being performed, some people still ask the what is snow tubing question because the name can be a little confusing. While the device used for snow tubing is called a tube, it could be better described as being a snow ring.

The good thing about a snow tube is that it takes very little experience or effort to enjoy. Snow tubing is simpler than skiing or snowboarding and that makes it a great family activity too, as kids of a certain age can easily sit in and enjoy a ride down the ski slopes in a snow tube. And, if you’re wondering is snow tubing safe, the ring comes with handles and, if all the safety measures are followed, this is a safe and fun activity.

Where to go snow tubing in Andorra?

If you’re intrigued and thinking of a snow tubing Andorra experience the next time you visit the principality, you’re absolutely going to the right place. The “Snow tubing by Dots” slope, located in El Pas de la Casa, is 350 metres long and known to be Europe's longest snow tubing track. With twists and turns and tunnels, snow tubing Andorra is some of the best snow tubing in the world.

What do I need for snow tubing?

Now that you know what snow tubing is, the next step is to think about “What do I need to wear for snow tubing?” and “Do you need snow clothes for snow tubing?”. The answer to these questions is that yes, you do need snow clothes for snow tubing.

If you’re incorporating snow tubing into your Andorra skiing holiday, then you’re probably already travelling to the microstate with all the appropriate clothing for skiing, namely long underwear, thick socks, a fleece, a ski jacket, long trousers, gloves and a neck gaiter or balaclava. If you wear the same clothing to the snow tubing slope, you’ll be all set to enjoy the experience comfortably.

As with skiing clothing, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s best to avoid cotton clothing, given that cotton isn’t waterproof and it isn’t breathable. Wool is fine for snow tubing, though, as are all other waterproof items.

You can also enjoy the rest of the snow activities in Andorra.