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Top things to do in Andorra in spring

If you’re considering a spring getaway and if you’re keen to visit somewhere in the heart of Europe, it would certainly be worth your while to investigate Andorra spring holidays. While the microstate is famous for its Andorra skiing holidays during the winter months, many of the millions of tourists who visit the principality annually do so during the Andorra spring months, keen to enjoy the pleasant climate, the beautiful scenery and the long list of things to do in Andorra in spring.


Travel to Andorra in spring: Is Andorra worth visiting in spring?

When analysing the question of ‘What are the best months to visit Andorra?’, the answer will depend on whether you want to ski or not. The Andorra ski schedule tends to run from late November or early December through to early April. So, regarding the issue of is there snow in Andorra in April, the answer is that there is usually still some snow left in Andorra at the very beginning of April, meaning a late winter or early spring visit to a ski resort like Ordino Arcalís is possible.

If you aren’t bothered about taking to the ski slopes during your next holiday to the Pyrenees Mountain Range, then the Andorra spring would be a perfect time to visit. The Andorra spring climate is mild, with an average of five hours of sunshine per day in March, with this rising to an average of six hours of Andorran sunshine per day throughout April and May. As for the Andorra spring temperatures, based on the past few years the March minimum is 2.0 °C and the March maximum is 13.4 °C, the April minimum is 4.5 °C and the April maximum is 16.2 °C, while the May minimum is 7.3 °C and the May maximum is 19.4 °C. It can certainly be fresh at times, which makes sense given the altitude of this part of the world, but that also makes it the perfect weather for hikes and for all the other activities and things to do in Andorra in spring.

Things to do in Andorra: What’s on in Andorra in spring?

So, what exactly is there on the list of things to do in Andorra in spring? Well, the coming of spring opens up the great Andorran outdoors even more. Only eight percent of the microstate’s total area of 468 km² is urbanised, meaning there is so much Andorran scenery out there which you can hike, trek or bike through, especially in the Vall de Sorteny Natural Park, in the Ordino Parish. If you visit after the clocks move forward during the Andorra spring, then you’ll be able to benefit from the later hours of sunlight and embark on all kinds of adventures.

If you’re looking for activities besides exploring the outdoors, spring is also an optimal time to make the most of all the things you can do in the capital city of Andorra la Vella. There, you can take advantage of the Andorra la Vella shopping opportunities, visit attractions like the Casa de la Vall or Pont de París, relax at the Caldea spa and, of course, enjoy all the best Andorra restaurants.

And, as mentioned above, it might still be possible to go skiing in Andorra in spring, depending on when exactly you visit. So, if you and your friends or family do feel like taking to the Andorran ski slopes to enjoy the last of the ski season’s snow, this is another activity to add to the itinerary of your Andorra spring holiday.