If I suffer an injury, what should I do to receive a compensation voucher for the 2025-26 season?

If you suffer an injury when holding a Season ski pass, you must let us know as soon as possible via the web form. If you are not able to ski again for the rest of the season, we will assess the best form of compensation.

When does this apply? This will be applied in the event of pregnancy, of an accident, illness or forced closure of borders and/or the resort preventing further skiing.

In which type of ski pass is this guarantee included? These conditions are valid for the non-resident and resident season Pass. Grandvalira Resorts will consider the application of this guarantee to other season pass products depending on the type and days skied.

How does it work? A voucher will be issued as compensation, to be exchanged for the 2025 - 2026 season, according to the customer’s use of the season ski pass during the current season.

What is the percentage refunded according to the days skied?

1 day of skiing: 100% compensation voucher or application of the "Compensation guarantee" if a medical certificate is not provided and conditions are met.

2 to 7 days of skiing: Days skied will be charged at the day pass rate at the ticket office. Compensation voucher for the price difference paid.

8 to 10 days of skiing: 10% discount voucher on the purchase value of the next season's pass.

More than 11 days of skiing: The seasonal pass is considered fully utilized.

How long are they valid?

The compensation vouchers are valid for two consecutive seasons.

Compensation will not be provided if there are skiing days after the date of the medical certificate.

Requests can be made during the current season and until April 21, 2025.

Please note: Remember that you must provide the pertinent medical reports and your season pass for the compensation to be processed. These conditions only apply to customers who suffer an injury.