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17/03/2021 - 12:30

Grandvalira is expanding the resort so that up to 135 km will be suitable for skiing, with the links between sectors connected after 19 March

Grandvalira and Ordino Arcalís resorts are getting ready for the end of the season by expanding the area suitable for skiing and the lift times

Grandvalira Resorts will continue to offer alternative plans for all audiences: snow activities, mountain restaurants and panoramic terraces


Starting on Friday 19 March, Grandvalira will offer 87 slopes, expanding the area suitable for skiing to 135 km, along with the 30 km in Ordino Arcalís. Plus, the links between the operating sectors will be opened (Pas de la Casa, Grau Roig, Soldeu and El Tarter). This situation will remain throughout Easter Week and until 5 April, conditions permitting.

This expansion in the number of kilometres of suitable skiing area comes with an expansion in the services offered at the resorts until the end of the season. Snow lovers of all ages will be able to enjoy fine dining plans and a wide range of activities. The schools in Grau Roig, Soldeu and El Tarter and will also be open, which present a completely renewed and revolutionary program of instruction that still preserves the essence and tradition of more than 50 years of experience.

Starting this Friday, the resort timetable will be from 9 am to 5 pm, and the rates will return to normal.


Pas de la Casa - Grau Roig Sector

The existing dining options are being expanded with the opening of the Pulka café. Until now, visitors were able to eat at the restaurants Braseria Piolet (with option of savouring gourmet Chinese food at Piolet by Kao), Llac de Pessons (one of the most unique places in the resort, with amazing views, which specialises in traditional mountain cuisine), Cubil and Coll Blanc KSB.

In terms of the facilities, those that are already open will now by joined by the TSD4 on Pas de la Casa, the TSD6 on Pla de les Pedres, the TK Cortals and the TK Llac de Cubil.

Finally, for snow lovers who want to do activities beyond just skiing, the Roc Roi centre is offering new options: snowmobiles, snowshoes and mushing (dogsledding). And for groups we offer snowtubing, archery and snow paintball. Likewise, Epic Andorra is continuing to offer unique experiences and accommodations in the middle of the mountains.


Soldeu Sector

In the Gall de Bosc zone, the featured dining is at the Wine & Meat Bar by Jean Leon, a bistronomic restaurant with high quality products and laid back service. Tea lovers have their own place in the Tea Lounge, and those who prefer Italian cuisine have to visit the Pasta Box. The best of all is the most exclusive terraces in the area, the Clicquot Snow Club Grandvalira, a chic, exclusive space perfect for the most discerning palates, which has a new bar this year.

In Espiolets, the dining includes Fun Food and the Espressoh café, which will be open every day during Easter week.

In terms of the facilities, those already opened will be joined by the TSF Solanelles and the TSD Pla de les Pedres.

Regarding activities, speed lovers can continue to enjoy the Snake Gliss, a thrilling experience for all audiences.


El Tarter Sector

The cuisine available at Pi de Migdia  includes the self-service area and the café, in addition to one of the most iconic restaurants in the resort, L’Arrosseria, the ideal place for anyone who's looking for a great rice dish.

In Riba-Escorjada, you can make a stop at Fun Food, the café and the Trattoria, as well as at the Obac café.

Regarding activities, the El Tarter Activity Centre offers mushing (dogsledding), the possibility of taking excursions in the mountains on dog sleds. 


Ordino Arcalís

All the slopes in this resort have been open for weeks. Its 30 km are coupled with Grandvalira’s to offer visitors a more well-rounded experience.

In terms of restaurants, this Friday the resort is adding La Coma Restaurant from 19 to 21 March and from 27 March to 5 April. This is one of the most iconic restaurants in the resort, where you can savour amazing grilled meat.

Starting this Friday, you can also choose the daily menu (Monday to Friday) at Planells Restaurant.

Regarding activities, Ordino Arcalís will allow snowmobiling after 5 pm.


A safe resort

The commitment to offer a premium-quality product at Grandvalira and Ordino Arcalís has not changed despite the current situation marked by the impact of COVID-19. In this sense, in order to guarantee the highest quality levels in the COVID-19 measures the resorts have taken, they are certified by prestigious companies like Bureau Veritas and OCA. 



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