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FAQ'S Season ski pass 2023-2024

  • What should I do in the event of loss or theft? Who should I contact?

In case of the loss or theft of your season pass, the first thing you need to do is contact the season pass customer service department via web form so they can block the pass and avoid possible fraudulent use. Next, you need to go to one of the resort’s authorised ticket offices so we can issue a duplicate pass, on payment of a card issuance and administration fee of €20, so you can continue skiing. You’ll find step-by-step instructions in section 1) of the resort’s internal regulations.

  •  In what cases can I get a renewal discount?

If you bought a season pass for the 2022-23 season which was not fully or partially reimbursed, the renewal discount will be applied automatically when you buy the new pass online or at a ticket office, if you log in with the email associated with your MyGrandski account.

If you do not remember your passwords, you can update your password from our platform.

Please note: the renewal discount does not apply to those over 70 years of age, over 75 years old, Mountain Pass, Baby, Extracurricular, University, Accompanying. 

  •  Can I purchase ski insurance if I’ve already used my season pass?

Ski insurance must be purchased with your season pass or, in all cases, before you ski for the first time. Insurance cannot be added or remove once your Ski Pass has been used. You can check the coverage at:

Remember, you can also take out ski insurance with the season Mountain Pass.

  •  If I suffer an injury, what should I do to receive a compensation voucher for the 2024-25 season?

If you suffer an injury, with Season ski pass, it is important to let us know as soon as possible via web form. If you won’t be able to ski again for the rest of the season, we’ll assess the best form of compensation.

When is it applied? It is applied in the event of injury or illness that prevents you from skiing.

How does it work? A compensation voucher will be issued that can be used for the 2023-24 season, depending on your use of the current season pass.

For lower rates, such as for the Mountain or Andorra Resident Passes, compensation will be applied depending on the type of season pass and the amount paid.

Please note: Remember that you must provide the pertinent medical reports and your season pass for the compensation to be processed. These conditions only apply to customers who suffer an injury.

  •  I want to pay for my season pass in instalments, what do I need to know?

Paying for your season pass in instalments allows you to spread the expense over three convenient payments, with no additional interest or cost. This benefit only applies to online purchases. The amount for the first instalment (50% in the Early Booking period and 40% in the promotional price period) of the total purchase price will be charged to the customer’s bank card. The following two instalments (25% in the Early Booking period and 30% in the Promotional Price period) will be charged to the account associated with the credit card the customer uses for in the online season pass purchasing process

Bear in mind that if your card is due to expire, or if you request a duplicate or cancel the card, you will have to contact us using web form and let us know. Otherwise, the season pass will be automatically blocked, as it will not be possible to charge the remaining instalments. The system will always save the last card entered in the customer’s account.

  •   How can I pick up a season pass on behalf of someone else?

Season ski passes obtained online are issued in person to the purchaser at Grandvalira Resorts facilities or at stand of shopping mall Illa Carlemany.

The purchaser will also need to show a locator number and suitable personal identity document with a photograph to prove their identity (passport or national identity document). If another person goes on behalf of the purchaser, they will need an authorisation signed by the purchaser and a photocopy of their passport or national identity document.

  •  What discounts and/or benefits do my Andorra pass and Nord Pass give me?

With the season pass, you can obtain a 10% discount in services at Grandvalira and the Ordino Arcalís and Pal Arinsal resort, along with attractive benefits outside Grandvalira Resorts. Check them out regularly on our website.

  •  What discounts are applied to families?

Families who purchase three or more season passes receive exclusive benefits and discounts. A 25% discount is applied to the third family pass, which can be accumulated with the renewal discount during the Early Booking and Promotion periods (5%).

Bear in mind that the discounts are applied only to the spouse and direct offspring of the purchase holder, from the third pass onwards, if the first two are adult or junior. Furthermore, this discount is only applicable to purchases made by a holder for a single purchase. Grandvalira will not apply the family discount for purchases with other holders even if the family relationship conditions are met.

Please note. Season Mountain Pass, Freestyle, Senior, Senior over 70 years old, Senior over 75 years old, Andorra Resident (all parishes), Sunday Pass, Extracurricular, University and Accompanying Passes are excluded. 

  •  How can I pick up my invitation?

To pick up your invitation, you will need to enter the season pass purchase website and go to the invitations section. Using the reference number provided, you can collect your invitation from any of the ticket offices at Grandvalira Resorts, bearing in mind the following information: 

ANDORRA PASS invitations:   these can be used at the Grandvalira, Ordino Arcalís and Pal Arinsal resorts.

NORD PASS invitations: these can be used at the Ordino Arcalís and Pal Arinsal resorts.

Invitations from the website can be requested once the current season has begun.

When you pick up your invitation, if you are not going to use it, make sure you do not carry it with you, or it may be activated at any ski lift and be consumed.

Please note: When requesting the Reimbursement Guarantee, the invitation counts as one day of skiing. Are excluded: Season Mountain Pass, Freestyle, Senior, Senior over 70 years old, Senior over 75 years old, Andorra Pass (all parishes), Sunday Pass, Extracurricular, University and Accompanying.

  •  Can I use the invitations I was unable to use in the 2022-23 season for the 2023-24 season?

No, invitations expire with their season of validity.

  •  In what circumstances are season passes permanently withdrawn?

Remember that your season pass is for personal, non-transferable use and is subject to the law on ski resorts and cable transport facilities 9-1-2000 (BOPA of 6-12-2000). If you give your pass to another person and they are stopped by our security teams, the person using the pass in the resort will automatically be issued a fine. Additionally, the pass will be withdrawn and will be returned under any circumstances during the 2023-24 ski season.

Should you sell your season pass and this is discovered by Grandvalira Resorts, the pass will be automatically blocked and withdrawn and will not, under any circumstances, be returned to the season pass holder.

  •  I have already registered with My Grandski but, can’t remember my password. What should I do?

You can access My GrandSki whenever you like using your customer details. If you can’t remember the password, you can update it.

  •  What is My GrandSki?

My GrandSki is a single customer identification register. With your My GrandSki account, you can merge your data and connect to all our services and sales channels with a single click: Wi-Fi, app, season pass, newsletter, plus+ Ski Pass, online purchases and more. It’s quick and easy.

  •  With the Freestyle season pass, I can ski to Ordino Arcalís or Pal-Arinsal resorts.

If you have the Andorra Pass Freestyle season pass, remember that you cannot ski to Ordino-Arcalís, as it does not have Freestyle areas enabled. Instead, you will have access to the Pal Arinsal Snowpark.

  • Can I access the summer Bike Park with my season pass?

Yes, for the 2024 summer season you can access the bike park in Pal and the lifts at the three resorts in summer. 

  •  Once the season has ended, what should I do with my pass?

When the 2023-24 season has ended, we recommend that you keep your pass. At Grandvalira Resorts all the passes can be topped up. This means the same card can be used for future occasions.

The pass does not have your photo on it, but it is registered in our system for security reasons. The season pass continues to be personal and non-transferable and is subject to the law on ski resorts and cable transport facilities 9-11-2000 (BOPA of 6-12-2000). Also remember that the resort carries out regular pass checks at different points in the skiable area. If another person uses your season pass, it will be withdrawn definitively.

  •  What is the Reimbursement Guarantee?

When is it applied? It will be applied to online purchases in the Early Booking and Promotion Price sale period, when the user has skied for less than 5 days by the time the resort closes.

How does it work? The customer will only have to pay for the days’ skied at the ticket office price and the remaining difference in the price of the season pass will be reimbursed to the credit card used for the purchase.

When can I request it? You can request it during the current season and until 7 April 2024.

Please note: The season pass renewal discount will be lost if you the Reimbursement Guarantee is applied. In case the customer uses the invitation pass, it will be counted as a ski day when applying the ski guarantee.

  •  I have skied for 5 days or less and used my invitation. Does it count if I request the Reimbursement Guarantee?

When applying the Reimbursement Guarantee, the invitation counts as a day skied and will be deducted from the total amount paid for your Season Pass.

  • How to recharge my season pass?

Follow the steps below to correctly recharge your Season Pass:

  1. Locate the last active ski pass you used, as you will need the center numbers of the printed WTP code.
  2. In the checkout process, once you have selected the desired products and added the necessary documents, select "reload now" and complete the code. Make sure that the numbering shown matches the number on your printed ski pass.
  3. If you do not have your physical ski pass at hand, you can contact our department through the following form. If you do not have the physical support, you can order a new support instead of recharging it.
  • How can I download the invoice for my purchase?

Access your MyGrandski user through the platform, in the season pass menu go to the "My purchases" folder, in this folder look for the purchase for which you want to get the invoice, click on "view" and once inside at the bottom of the purchase you can view or download the invoice.