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FAQ'S Season Pass

  • What should I do if my pass is lost or stolen? Who should I contact?

If your Season Pass is lost or stolen, at Ordino Arcalís, please report the situation as soon as possible to the Season Pass customer service department via our web form to ensure your pass is not used fraudulently. You will then need to go to any of our resort ticket offices where we will issue a replacement for a fee of €20, so you can carry on skiing. Further details on the process for replacing lost or stolen passes can be found in section 1 of the resort's internal regulations.


  • In which case can I get the renewal discount?

If you had a 2019-20 or 2020-21 Season Pass and no total or partial refund was applied to your pass, the renewal discount will be automatically applied, whether it is an online or a ticket office purchase.

In order for this discount to be correctly applied to your online purchase, please, remember not to register again. If you do not remember your access codes, please, contact the Season Ski Pass team using the web form.


  •   What is a COVID certificate?

 It is a document issued to over-16s, either in paper format or with a QR code, certifying one of the following:

  •  Vaccination certificate: Having received the second dose more than 14 days ago. Having had COVID-19 more than six months ago and having received the second dose more than 14 days ago.
  • Recovery certificate: Having had COVID-19 within the last six months.
  • Certificate showing a negative test result.  Having tested negative using a PCR/TMA test in the last 72 hours. Having had a negative antigen test result within the last 12 hours.


  • Will a COVID certificate be requested to collect or top up the Grandvalira 2021-22 Season Ski Pass?

No, a certificate will only be requested within the ski area.


  • What’s the penalty for skiing without a COVID certificate?

Grandvalira Resorts reserves the right to temporarily block an individual’s 2021-22 Season Ski Pass if they fail to present a COVID certificate when requested to do so by the resort’s security team whilst skiing in the ski area. Should this happen, they will need to contact the Season Ski Pass team via the online form.

Grandvalira Resorts reserves the right to refuse entry or withdraw a Season Ski Pass from any and all customers who cannot prove mandatory COVID certification or who refuse to take a rapid test to prove their immunity. 


  • Can I take out the skiing insurance once I've used the Season Pass?

Skiing insurance must be taken when the Season Pass is purchased, or at the latest, before the first time you ski. Once the Season Pass has been used insurance cannot be added to it. You can check the insurance details at www.creditassegurances.ad.


  • If I have had an accident, what are the steps to follow to receive a compensation voucher for the 2022-23 season?

If you have an accident, you need to let us know as soon as possible via our web form. If you won't be able to ski again for the whole of the rest of the season, we'll evaluate the best way in which to compensate you.

When does this apply? This will be applied in the event of an accident or illness that prevents the skier from continuing to ski.

How does it work? A voucher will be issued as compensation, to be exchanged for the 2022-2023 season, according to the customer’s use of the Season Ski Pass during the current season.

What is the percentage refunded according to the days skied?

1 to 2 days skied: voucher for 100% compensation or application of the Ski Guarantee if the conditions are met.

3 to 9 days skied: the days skied will be charged at the price of a day pass from the ticket office (€41). Voucher to compensate the difference between the amount paid for the Season Ski Pass and the day passes.

10 to 11 days: voucher for 10% discount off the value of the 2022-2023 Season Ski Pass.

More than 12 days skied: the Season Ski Pass is considered to have been fully used.

Please remember that you also need to provide us with the corresponding medical reports as well as the Season Pass in order to complete the process. These conditions are only applicable to clients who have had an accident.


  • I would like to pay for my Season Pass in installments. What do I need to do?

If you decide to buy your Season Pass in installments, you can split the cost into 3 easy payments with no interest or additional charges. This offer is only available to passes bought online.

The initial payment (50% for Early Booking sales and 40% for Promotional Price sales) of the total purchase amount will be charged to the customer’s debit or credit card. The remaining two instalments (25% for Early Booking sales and 30% for Promotional Price sales), will be charged to the account linked to the credit card indicated by the customer when they bought their Season Ski Pass online.

Please note that if your card expires and/or you replace your card or cancel it, you will have to contact us via our web form just to inform us. If you don't do this, your Season Pass will be canceled automatically if we cannot take payment for it.


  • What is an electronic signature?

The electronic signature is a legal concept equivalent to a handwritten signature whereby the buyer accepts the content of an electronic message through a valid electronic process.

The electronic signature also ensures that the document signed is exactly the same as the original.

In the case of payment in instalments, it is possible to use an electronic signature during the online purchase process. The online purchase contract will be downloaded and you will be asked if you want to continue the electronic signature process.


  • Can I change the sector where I receive the Season Pass?

During the online purchase, to collect the Ordino Arcalís Season Pass in the the Grandvalira resorts stand at the Illa Carlemany shopping center or in Ordino Arcalís directly . If you want to change the collection point, you will need to contact Ordino Arcalís in a minimum of 72 hours via our web form or by phone at +376 89 18 16 beforehand. Otherwise, you will need to collect the season pass at the collection point chosen during the online purchase.


  • How to pick up a season ski pass on behalf of another person?

Season Passes acquired via the online process shall be delivered to the acquiring party in person at the Ordino Arcalís offices indicated during the contracting process and upon showing the reference number generated during the aforementioned process.

The acquiring party shall similarly present photographic proof of identification to accredit his/her identity (passport or national identification document). In the case of not being the acquiring party, it will be necessary to present an authorization signed by the acquiring party along with a photocopy of his/her passport or national ID.


  • What discounts and/or offers will I get with my Season Pass?

With the Season Pass, we're offering 10% discount on all services in Ordino Arcalís resort. Moreover, you will enjoy attractive offers beyond Ordino Arcalís. Keep up to date with the latest offers on our web page.


  • After how many days is my Season Pass the best value for money?

If you're a snow lover, the Season Pass is by far your best option. This season is expected 150 days with tots 19 weekends over. Your Season Pass will start to pay for itself after just 22 weekends  (reference prices: adult promotional Season Pass price of €445 and daily ski pass price of €41).


  • Where can I pick up my invitation?

In order to pick up your invitation, go to the Season Pass purchasing page and go to the invitations section to apply, and you will be given an order number which you can then use at the ticket offices at Ordino Arcalís to pick up your free day pass.

Invitations through the web can be requested once the current season starts.

Note: In the case of applying for the  Guarantee refund, the invitation will count as a ski day.


  • In which cases may Season Ski Passes be revoked?

Remember that your Season Ski Pass is for personal use only and is non-transferable. It is subject to the laws governing ski resorts and cableway installations (laws dated November 9, 2000, from the BOPA [Official Gazette of the Principality of Andorra] published December 6, 2000). If you lend your pass to someone else and they are discovered by security, the person using your pass will be fined. Additionally, the ski pass will be confiscated and revoked for the entirety of the 2021-22 ski season.

If a Season Ski Pass is resold and discovered by Ordino Arcalís staff, the ski pass will immediately be blocked and confiscated. Under no circumstances will said pass be returned to the original pass holder.


  • I am an Ordino Arcalís customer but I don't remember my details. What should I do?

You can access to your My GrandSki account at any moment with your customer details. However, if you don't remember them, just select “I have forgotten my password” and we'll send you a new one.


  • What is My GrandSki and how can I access the station’s Wi-Fi connection?

My GrandSki is a single client’s identification register. With My GrandSki account, you can unify all your data and connect into all our services and channels with just one click: Wi-Fi, App, Season ski pass, Newsletter, Ski pass Plus+, online shopping… easy and quick.

The Ordino Arcalís Wi-Fi is free without limits for all clients having a valid 2021-2022 Season Ski Pass.

To be able to enjoy connection on the ski resort from any mobile support, tablet or PC, it’s necessary to register in My GrandSki, entering the WIFI CODE that appears in the same season ski pass (unique code, personal and non-transferable of a single use) and, you will be able to enjoy Wireless connection with unlimited duration as many days you have the ski pass.


  • Once the 2021-22 Season is over, what should I do with my Ordino Arcalís Season Ski Pass?

At the end of this season 2021-22, we recommend you to keep your Ski Pass. This year, Ordino Arcalís has a new rechargeable support feature and it will serve you for future occasions.

The new ski pass does not include your photo, although your photo is registered in our system for security reasons.

The Season Ski Pass is for personal use only and is non-transferable. It is subject to the laws governing ski resorts and cableway installations (Law of 9 January 2000, published in the Official Gazette of the Principality of Andorra on December 6, 2000). Please also note that the resort carries out regular ski pass checks at different points within the ski area. If another person is found to be using your season ski pass, your pass will be revoked permanently.


  • Can I use the invitation that cannot enjoy the 2020-21 season this 2021-22 season?

Yes, as long as you renew the purchase of your 2021-22 Season Pass.


  • How can I recharge my Season Pass?

If you have a Season Pass 2019-20 or 2020-21, Follow these steps to correctly top up your Season Pass:

  1. Log into your My GrandSki account and click on the Fanatics button and then on History.
  2. Select the reference number of your 2021-2022 season purchase that you want to top up.
  3. Select the complet purchase section.
  4. Complete the top-up by filling in the 3 missing digits that you can find on last season’s pass card
  5. If necessary, repeat the same process for each person on the purchase.


  • I transferred my 2020-21 Season Ski Pass to the 2021-22 season. How can I recharge it?

If you have the physical support, Grandvalira and Ordino Arcalís will manage the recharge directly. You can check the status of your ski pass collection by logging into your My GrandSki account.

If you do not have physical support, you can collect your ski pass free of charge at the Grandvalira stand in the Illa Carlemany Shopping Centre from 1st July or at the ticket offices when the ski resorts open. 

Important: Once you’ve skied in the current season, if you lose your physical support, you will have to pay €20 for a duplicate ski pass.


  • I transferred my Pass to the 2021-22 Season, but I want to add new members to the purchase for this season. How do I do it?

In this case, you must contact our customer service department via the web form at least 72 hours in advance. Please note that the new members must be from the same family unit in order to be able to apply the family pack price.


  • I have skied 5 days or less and I have used my invitation. Does it count if I ask for the Refund Guarantee?

If you apply the Refund Guarantee, the invitation will count as a ski day and will be deducted from the amount paid for your Season Ski Pass.


  • What is the Refund Guarantee?

When does this apply? This will be applied to online purchases during the Early Booking and Promo Price sales period where the customer has skied fewer than five days by the date the resort closes.

How does it work? The customer just has to pay for the days skied at the ticket office price (€41), and then the difference in the price paid for the Season Ski Pass will be refunded to the same credit card used to buy the pass.

When can I request this? You can request this during the current season up to 18 April 2022.

Note: The season pass renewal discount will be lost if the refund guarantee  is applied.


  • Does the season pass Ordino Arcalís include Sunset Park Peretol by Henrik Harlaut?

The season pass of Ordino Arcalís has unlimited access day and night.  It is the only nocturnal snowpark in the Pyrenees. This park is located in the new sector Grandvalira Peretol, in the area of Bordes d'Envalira.


  • My case is not reflected in the previous questions and I have more doubts. What should I do?

If your case is very particular, you can contact the Season Ski Pass Customer Service Department. We will study each case on a personalized basis and will try to give you the best possible option.



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