Tips on packing for the snow

ski trip packing listOnce you’ve booked up to go on an Andorra skiing holiday, the next most important step is to put together a ski trip packing list. This may not be the most exciting part of your adventure, but taking the time to work out what to pack for a ski trip is vitally important and absolutely worthwhile.
Whether you’re a beginner or a regular visitor to the mountains, tips on packing for the snow are always welcome and that’s what we’ll bring you right here in this ski trip packing guide.

How do you pack for snow travel

Let’s start off with some general tips and advice on what you need on your ski trip packing list, and on how to organise your suitcases and bags. When it comes to the question of how do you pack efficiently for a ski trip, it’s similar to any other type of holiday you’d go on. You’ll need your essentials and you’ll want to make sure your suitcases and bags are well-organised, so that you’re not left frantically looking for your most essential items. It is also recommended, if you’re flying, that you check in to hold at least one suitcase or bag more than you normally would, since the main difference between a packing list for the ski trip vs packing list for the seaside holiday is the fact that winter clothes are thicker and longer.

That said, it’s best to completely remove cotton clothing from your skiing trip packing list, because cotton takes up a lot of space, isn’t waterproof and isn’t the most breathable material either.

What you want to place high up on your packing list for a ski trip, especially if it’s a family ski trip packing list, are light, waterproof and breathable clothing items. When you’re going on a holiday in the snow, keep in mind the simple but important fact that you’ll get quite wet as you fall over and land on the snowy surface on the ski slopes, especially if you’re going for your very first Andorra skiing and snowboarding lessons.

Logically, you’ll want to wrap up warm as well, but it’s better to prioritise waterproof clothing over thick clothing. Waterproof clothing will usually keep you warm too, plus you should keep in mind that it can actually get quite warm and sunny out there on the ski slopes.
Finally, remember that you might not be exclusively skiing when on your holiday, as there are several other winter activities to try out, which might require other fun things to bring on a ski trip. Moreover, you may want to dress up nice as you dine at the Andorra restaurants as well.

What clothes to pack for snow?

Discussing clothes for a ski trip specifically, since you may be wondering what do people wear on ski trips, you’ll generally want to pack your normal everyday clothes for the first layer, while the ski-specific items of clothing will be worn on the outside.
If you’re looking for a printable packing list for ski trips then take note here, as the main items of clothing that should be on any ski trip packing list are the following:

● Long underwear
● Thick socks
● Fleece
● Ski jacket
● Long trousers
● Gloves
● Neck gaiter or balaclava

Of course, the answer to questions like “How many ski pants do I need for a ski trip?” or “What do I need for a week-long ski trip?” will differ depending on the amount of time you’re going away, but keep in mind that you might go through more than one set of clothing in a given day and that it could take more than one day for clothing to dry off enough to be used again.

The ski equipment can be considered as separate from the main part of a packing list for a ski trip, as your skis, poles, bindings, helmet, goggles and boots can usually be rented from the ski resort, although it’s important to check this before departing. Still, most regular skiers will advise bringing your own boots with you as part of your ski trip packing list, more than anything so that you’re wearing a pair that specifically fit you and that you’re comfortable in.