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Top highest mountains in Spain

Spain is one of the most geographically diverse countries in all of Europe. While many people think solely of the sun and beaches on the country’s coastline or islands, Spain also boasts lush forests, incredible valleys and towering mountains. The Iberian Peninsula as a whole is a wonder of nature, from the rocky coastlines of Portugal all the way to the mountains of Andorra and ski resorts of Andorra.


Here, in this post, we’ll outline just how much adventure and fun can be had on the 10 highest mountains in Spain

10th highest mountain in Spain: Cilindro de Marboré

According to Spain’s National Institute of Statistics, the 10th highest mountain in Spain is Cilindro de Marboré, located in Huesca in the Pyrenees Mountain Range. It measures in at 3328m above sea level and its peak is part of what’s known as Las Tres Sorores, or The Three Sisters, in English.

9th highest mountain in Spain: Pico Espadas

The next on this list of the highest mountains in Spain is also from the province of Huesca, making it clear that this is a true adventure land for mountain climbers. It is Pico Espadas, which is measures 3332m in altitude.

8th highest mountain in Spain: Pico Maldito

Here we have another mountain from Huesca, this time the Pico Maldito of 3350m. This is a challenging mountain to climb, as you can work out from the name, which translates to mean Damned Peak.

7th highest mountain in Spain: Monte Perdido

Monte Perdido is one of the other peaks that forms part of the aforementioned cluster of The Three Sisters. It is the highest of the three, at 3355m, while the other, Soum de Ramond (3,263m) doesn’t quite make this list of the highest mountains in Spain.

6th highest mountain in Spain: Alcazaba

For the first time so far in this list of the highest mountains in Spain, we move away from Huesca and into Granada’s Sierra Nevada in Andalusia. There, you’ll find Alcazaba, with its peak of 3371m. From the city, can see the north face of this mountain, which is a true wonder.

5th highest mountain in Spain: Posets

Back to Huesca and the Pyrenees, Posets is the fifth highest mountain in Spain. This is one of the most popular mountains to climb since there are well-travelled paths and trails, leading to the peak of 3375m.

4th highest mountain in Spain: Veleta

Veleta is another mountain from the Sierra Nevada, an area which had a lot of Arabic influence in the past, with the name of this mountain coming from the Arabic word for Cliff. There are a few different measurements out there for its official height, but Spain’s National Institute of Statistics puts it at 3398m.

3rd highest mountain in Spain: Pico Aneto

Pico Aneto is third on the list of highest mountains in Spain and is the highest of all in the Pyrenees at 3404m. Also located in Huesca province, many adventurers climb it, usually starting from the Renclusa Refuge.

2nd highest mountain in Spain: Mulhacén

If you want to know what is the highest mountain in mainland Spain then the answer is Mulhacén, measuring 3479m in the Sierra Nevada. You’ll soon see that the highest mountain in Spain is located on an island, meaning that Mulhacén is the highest mountain in mainland Spain. Can you climb Mulhacén? Yes, it is possible if you are experienced and take the necessary preparations. The peak can’t be reached from the north face, but there are paths from the east, west and south.

1st highest mountain in Spain: Teide

If the highest mountain in mainland Spain is only number two on the list counting down to the highest mountain in Spain, then where exactly is this number one peak of Spain? Well, it’s the island of Tenerife’s Mount Teide, at 3718m. This is the Earth's third-tallest volcanic structure, and certainly a unique kind of mountain to end this list of the highest mountains in Spain.