GMG Ordino Arcalís

Ski mountaineering school in Andorra

Mountain skiing is on-trend. Ordino Arcalís has circuits marked out for this sport, and the Mountain Pass has been recently released with Ski Andorra, ensuring that this sport can be practised safely in the ski resorts.

Due to increasing demand, the Ski School now provides courses for learning or perfecting mountain skiing, with Grandvalira Mountain Guides. The instructors who lead the mountain skiing lessons are qualified mountain guides who can help you with your technique, but who can also help you to better understand detailed mountain characteristics, and the safety measures that you should bear in mind on each of your outings. 

Grandvalira Mountain Guides

Prices 2023-2024

Half-day excursionCross-country ski excursion in the Ordino Arcalís resort.Mig4 hores169 €
2.900 excursionCross-country ski excursion with the aim of reaching 2.900 m-high summits.Mig-alt6 hores236 €
Day excursionCross-country ski excursion reaching the highest summit in Andorra. Includes an optional transfer or meeting at the base of the route. Alt8 hores292.50 €
Safety blockPerfect your abilities by applying rope techniques for channels, ice picks, crampons... always accompanied by qualified mountain guides. Cross-country skiing equipment and crampons NOT INCLUDED. Alt4 hores281 €

Ski mountaineering school conditions

Telecabina Tristaina

Ice climbing at La Coma d'Arcalís

La Coma de Arcalís sector has a perfect area for ice climbing. This point is a 15-minute walk from the La Coma restaurant, which can be reached by cable car. The area is very popular with Andorran climbers, as it is ideal for beginners and advanced climbers. The waterfall consists of three stretches of ice if conditions are good, various goulottes and even some mixed sections. It can be approached by ski mountaineering or using crampons.

To make the most of this area, from this season onwards, the Grandvalira Mountain Guides (GMG) are offering individual or group courses for beginners and advanced ice climbers.