Kids Forest Ordino Arcalís

Kids Forest circuit

At Ordino Arcalís we are aware of the importance of learning to ski from an early age and doing so in the best possible way, surrounded by a spectacular and safe environment.

Our children's circuits are designed with the youngest skiers in mind, offering slopes adapted to their level and age. From gentle slopes to fun obstacles, always designed to encourage learning and fun.

Kids Forest Ordino Arcalís

What is the Kids Forest circuit?

The Kids Forest concept was launched at Encamp, Grau Roig and Pas de la Casa and now also in Ordino Arcalís. The resort has its own areas of children’s circuits with charming animals to keeps the youngsters company, ensuring that they enjoy their first experiences on skis to the full and have fun in the snow.

There will also be a new children’s circuit at Planells with a full cast of Kids Forest characters: Mona, a four-year-old marmot who is just starting to ski, Bo, a six-year-old capercaillie who is beginning to get the hang of skiing, Vulpi, a nine-year-old fox who has an intermediate level and finally Nae, an experienced 11-year-old chamois goat who is equally at home on skis or on a snowboard. The new circuit features modules that guarantee a fun-packed experience for the youngest members of the family.

Kids Forest

What is the Kids Forest children's circuit for?

They are an essential tool for learning to ski and offer a series of benefits that go beyond sliding down the snow. The little ones will be able to develop their motor skills such as balance, coordination and agility through turns, jumps and braking. They will undoubtedly improve their control over their skis and how to move safely and efficiently.

The circuits also help to encourage progressive learning, as they are usually divided into different levels. This will provide them with the tools to face increasing challenges, while learning to respect the safety rules of the circuits and of the mountain in general. They will understand the signposting on the slopes and will learn to coexist with other skiers.

Without a doubt, the children's circuits are ideal for learning and connecting with nature, which provides physical and emotional wellbeing for the little ones.