Hightest mountains and peaks in Andorra

The Andorra mountain range is one of the most spectacular in all of Europe, as the country contains 65 peaks with elevation higher than 2,000 metres, which is 6,562 feet. Considering this landlocked microstate only has 468 square kilometres of land, that is a very high number of mountains and peaks in Andorra.

Of course, the fact that the mountain range in Andorra has so many peaks and slopes explains why so many winter sports enthusiasts decide to go on an Andorra ski holiday, as there are so many options to choose from when looking for ski slopes. In the summer too, the Andorra natural parks come alive with the sunnier and warmer weather and the geography of Andorra creates several fascinating hiking and trekking routes.

Andorra mountains

Andorra mountains: What is the Andorra mountain range called?

The Andorra mountains form part of the Pyrenees mountain range, specifically the eastern part of the Pyrenees mountain range. This is a mountain range that runs along the border between Spain and France and that’s where Andorra is situated, as the microstate shares a border with both countries. The Pyrenees extend from Cantabria to the Mediterranean coast, with Andorra still inland but towards the coast.

The Andorra mountain range is widely considered to be one of the most geographically interesting in all of Europe. In fact, when people talk about skiing in the Pyrenees, they’re often referring to the mountain range in Andorra, given that some of the very best Pyrenean ski resorts are located in the Andorran part.

Andorra highest peak: What is the highest mountain in Andorra?

As mentioned above, there are 65 Andorra mountains with elevation higher than 2,000 metres, and the Andorra highest mountain is Coma Pedrosa, with a peak of 2,943 metres or 9,656 feet.

Many visitors to Andorra will want to know ‘Is Coma Pedrosa easy to climb?’ and the answer is that yes, Coma Pedrosa is a relatively straightforward mountain compared to others of similar elevation. “In summer, the snow disappears and a lot of mountaineers climb Coma Pedrosa because of its easy and not-technical climb by the normal route,” explains Summit Post.

As well as Coma Pedrosa, there is also the Pic de l'Estanyó at 2,915 metres or 9,564 feet and this is a mountain that really stands out on the landscape. The Pic de l'Estanyó is the second-highest of the Andorra mountains but some consider it more impressive and more scenic.

The highest mountains in Europe: Is the Andorra highest peak the tallest in the Pyrenees?

Comparing the Andorra highest peak with the rest of the tallest mountains in Europe, Coma Pedrosa is nowhere close to being the tallest mountain in Europe. The highest peak on the continent is Mount Elbrus in Russia, at 5,642 metres or 18,510 feet, while the tallest mountain in Western Europe is Mont Blanc at 4,808 metres or 15,774 feet.

As for what is the tallest mountain in the Pyrenees, that is Pic du Balaïtous, which measures 3,144 metres or 10,315 feet and which is located right on the border between Spain and France. In the Pyrenees, there are 129 peaks of more than 3,000 metres and Coma Pedrosa, the Andorra highest mountain, is not one of them, measuring in at 2,943 metres.

Still, visitors to Andorra tend to come for the beauty of the Andorra mountains, rather than the height of them. The Andorra mountain range may not contain the tallest mountains in the world, but it is home to some of the best ski slopes and hiking trails in all of Europe.