How can I access the Solar Viewpoint?

Depending on when you visit, you will be able to access the Viewpoint in different ways.

• If you are planning to come before 1 December:

    Once the summer season has ended (01/11), and for 1 month after that (depending on the snowfall), both the CG3 access road and the mountain trail to the Solar     Viewpoint may be covered with snow and/or ice. If this is the case, you will need to leave your car at the Hortell car park, and it is possible that you may need     snowshoes and/or crampons to go up. 
    If the road is clear, you will be able to drive as far as the La Coma car park and, from there, walk up the signposted mountain trail. There are no open ski lifts     (cable car or chairlift).  

• From 1 December to 7 April:

    o With a mountain guide, via the Creussans chairlift, the meeting point is at La Coma. This chairlift cannot be used without a guide.
    o For free (with snowshoes, crampons, hiking, etc.), entering via the Creussans slope. Accessing the Viewpoint is only recommended for the most experienced mountain     skiers, where the safety conditions allow, depending on the risk of avalanches.

    We recommend checking the weather conditions before your stay, as well as any recommendations or signposting that there may be.