4th of December, 2020

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The freeride school offers professional services for all levels of skiers and snowboarders.

For beginners it offers the first off-piste experience, with an introduction to the different types of snow and technical explanations about safe driving with good technique. Beginners will learn about skiing techniques and safety on off-piste terrain. They will be taught different techniques for all types of snow as well as the correct use of safety gear and risk assessment.

Advanced freeriders will explore the wildest areas and best off-piste routes in the Arcalís mountains.

Our expert monitors include safety in all classes: how to plan your ski trip in alpine terrain; the professional use of ARVA, shovel and probe; and how to correctly approach off-piste situations.

Freeride School Rates 2019-20

School Freeride Price high season Price low season
Freeride experience 1/2 day (4 hours)
Monitor + material
275,00 € 275,00 €
Freeride experience 1  day (6 hours)
Monitor + material
330,00 € 330,00 €
Guided Freeride expereince  1/2
Accompanying guide without classes + material
245,00 € 245,00 €
Freeride Campus with heliski
5 days
795,00 € 795,00 €
Freeride Campus  without heliski
5 days
620,00 € 620,00 €


Supplement additional person Freeride Experience 1/2 day, 1 day and 2 days: 4 € by hour.

  • Prices per person. Maximum 6 people per monitor.
  • Freeride Campus with Heliski minimum 4 people per trip.
  • Material for the freeride experience includes: Arva+ shovel+probe+backpack+material.
  • The Campus Freeride amb Heliski includes: 3 dies classes de freeride dins del domini esquiable + 1 day ski fora del domini + material de freeride i seguretat (subject to availability) + 5 àpats + video + forfet + Heli-skiing. Insurance not included.
  • The Freeride without Heliski Campus includes: 4 days freeride classes on the skiable domain + 1 day skiing. fora del domini + material de freeride i seguretat (subject to availability) + 5 àpats + video + forfet. No including insurance.
  • Reservations required.
  • Cancellation expenses: from 24 hours before service and no show, 100% of expenses.


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