4th of December, 2020

La Coma Restaurants

The Coma building (2,200 m) is surely the most iconic in the resort. Split into four areas, it also hosts dinners and has a splendid panoramic terrace with a barbecue and stunning mountain views. You can get there by skiing from the slopes in the Coma area or using the Tristaina cable car.



On the ground floor is a dedicated hamburger area, where all the burgers are made using Andorran beef and premium ingredients, lending a unique touch to each one. The sandwiches are also elevated to the level of exquisite products, made using locally-sourced ingredients, traditional to our mountains.

Cafeteria La Llar

Designed to help you recharge your batteries by taking a break or you can start the day in this unique environment, surrounded by mountains and in an unparalleled alpine atmosphere. Homemade pastries, chilled sandwiches, coffees and juices.

Restaurant la Borda de la Coma

On the first floor of the building, offers a complete selection of food and drink, all made using carefully selected, top-quality products. The menu comprises dishes showcasing Andorran products. The stand-out feature is the high-mountain cuisine served in an absolutely charming atmosphere. Rice, calçots (scallions), fondue, wood-fired barbecue, homemade desserts and other specialities are the star products.

Times: from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm
Location: Els Planells building

Night Offer

Barbacoa El Caliu

Outside the building, in the sunniest part of the whole resort, is the Caliu Barbecue. The wood-grilled meat on offer, with ox steaks being the stars of the show, is complemented by salads, grilled vegetables, potatoes and other culinary specialities. All while enjoying the best mountain views in the resort, comfortably seated on the ample terrace.

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