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    It is necessary to present the COVID Certificate (vaccination with a complete vaccination schedule, having passed the COVID-19 in the last 6 months or a recent negative diagnostic test) to access the ski lifts, restaurants, ski schools and other services of the ski resort. 

Corporate Ordino Arcalís

Ordino Arcalís Ski Pass

With the Ordino Arcalís pass, you get unlimited access to all the resort’s facilities. Ordino Arcalís has 30.5 skiable kilometres, 5 mountain skiing circuits, 3.4 km of marked freeride routes and more than 120 that are unmarked.

Buy your day or multi-day pass online. And if you prefer, you can also get the Multi-day 2 Resort Pass, which will allow you to visit the Grandvalira resort during your stay at Ordino Arcalís.

Your ski pass at the best price

The online price of the day ski pass may vary throughout the season. Be sure to save up to 15% on your ski pass!

Day and multi-day passes

2021 - 2022 Season

From 3 December 2021 to 24 April 2022.

If the weather conditions allow it.


SKI PASS  Adults  Junior (12 - 17 years) 1 Child (6 - 11 years) 2 Buy
Full day ski pass 10 41 € 36,80 € 34,80 €


Beginner ski pass 3 22,60 € Online
Senior ski pass (65-74 years) 4 22,60 € Ticket office
Senior Gold ski pass 5 Free Ticket office
Baby ski pass 6 Free Ticket office
Skimo/Snowshoeing Pass 7 14 € Online
Pedestrian pass (non-skier) 8 13 € 10,80 € 10,80 € Online
Insurance  (1 day) 9 5,50 € Online



MULTI-DAY  SKI PASSES*  Adults  Junior (12 - 17 years)  Child (6 - 11 years)  BUY
2 days © 77,60 € 69,60 € 66 € Online
3 days © 116,40 € 104,40 € 99 € Online
4 days © 155,20 € 139,20 € 132 € Online
5 days © 189 € 170 € 161 € Online
6 days © 226,80 € 204 € 193,20 € Online
7 days or more days (by day) © 37,80 € 34 € 32,20 € Online


*Fortaits multidays: from 4 days includes 1 day of skiing in Grandvalira. Valid during the duration of the ski pass.  The skiing days in Grandvalira replaces one o those days of skiing in Ordino Arcalis).


2 SKI RESORTS MULTI-DAY  SKI PASSES  Adults  Junior (12 - 17 years) Child (6 - 11 years) BUY
3 days  © (Possibility of skiing 1 of the days in Grandvalira) 118,20 € 106,20 € 100,80 € Online
4 days  © (Possibility of skiing 2 of the days in Grandvalira) 157,60 € 141,60 € 134,40 € Online
5 days  © (Possibility of skiing 2 of the days in Grandvalira) 191 € 172 € 162 € Online


Buying a multi-day Ordino Arcalís ski pass, depending on the type, you have the option of skiing one or more days in Grandvalira. With this ski pass you will be able to discover Grandvalira, the largest resort in Southern Europe, and Ordino Arcalís, the renowned station with the best snow in the country.

  • 1) Junior (12-17 years): Born between 2004 and 2009. Official proof of age required.
  • 2) Child (6-11 years): Born between 2010 and 2015. Official proof of age required.
  • 3) Beginner ski pass (1 day): Available only for 4  (Marrecs) and 5 (Vailets)  ski lifts .
  • 4) Senior ski pass (65-74 years): Born between 1947 and 1956. Direct sale at ticket office. Official proof of age required. Price per day.
  • 5) Senior Gold ski pass: Considered "Senior Gold" the adults born in 1946 or before. Direct sale at ticket office. Official proof of age required.
  • 6) Baby ski pass: Considered "Baby" the child born in 2016 and after. Direct sale at ticket office. An official proof of age is required.
  • 7) Skimo/Snowshoeing Pass - Includes :  The use of the operational lifts enabled with 1 ascent and one descent per day per lift, access to the mountain ski circuits and designated areas for snowshoeing.
  • 8) Pedestrian pass: it cannot be used for skiing. It includes one ascent and one descent trips in the same day in all gondolas.
  • 9) Insurance: Has to be purchased through the online sales platform or upon arrival at the ski resort, before the first skiing day. It can not be purchased if you have already used the ski pass. Free reprint of the ski pass in case of loss. View conditions
  • 10) Discounts: 4% of discount for groups of more than 25 paying visitors (included). To apply the discount the ski passes must be of the same type, 25 ski passes Not available: From 12/25/2021 to 01/09/2022.
  • For all other multi-day ski passes: from 4 days includes 1 day of skiing in Grandvalira.Valid during the duration of the ski pass.  The skiing days in Grandvalira replaces one o those days of skiing in Ordino Arcalis.


Skiing for people with disabilities

Ski disabilities, skiing for everybody

Skiing is an activity which can be enjoyed by all, regardless of their physical condition. It is for this reason that we at Grandvalira try to bring the mountain and snow to everyone, including those who suffer from any kind of physical or mental difficulty.
We also offer a range of special prices for disabled guests, with discounts ranging from:

  • For people with disabilities of 33% or more: 20% off the standard retail price (applicable to one or several day forfaits and to the season pass).
  • For the blind: only the blind skier pays, there is no charge for the companion (in the case that the person requires a companion).
  • To benefit special prices, you must directly go to one of our ticket offices and present the document accrediting the disability.

Season Calendar 2021-2022

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