Ski Pass - What are the benefits of the ski pass plus?
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Ski Pass Plus+

Go straight to skiing

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This season, customers who own the SKI PASS PLUS+  will be able to ski at any of the Ski Resorts, Ordino Arcalís and Grandvalira with the same support, without going through the customer service offices ... direct to the ski slopes! Easy, practical and cheaper, since from the second day of skiing.

What is ?


It's a ski pass for use payment, linked to a credit card, which avoids skiers to go through the customer service offices and gives the opportunity to choose the station you want (Ordino Arcalís or Grandvalira) with the same support. In this way, only the price of the ski pass will be charged, once it is activated when going through the shift. In addition, the skiers have a discount, since from the second day at each season, a 15% discount is obtained. If it is a family of three or more members, there will be more discounts.



This ski pass, which is valid for the winter season, gives you unlimited access to the whole Grandvalira resort and Ordino Arcalís, enabling you to ski at economical prices! If you already had a Ski Pass Plus+ last season, remember that you will have to apply for it again via your My GranSki account. 

The Plus+ Ski Pass format is changing this winter. The new pass is reloadable, so we recommend keeping hold of it when the season ends since you’ll be able to use it again in future.
Ski passes to which discounts apply: adult, junior, senior and child’s ski passes (ski passes are free to children under the age of 6 years). Morning and half-day passes are not included.

Advantages Ski Pass Plus+


Save on prices 

The Ski Pass Plus+ offers you the chance to ski more economically. You will pay according to the days you actually ski, and we will reward you for coming to Grandvalira resort by applying a 15% daily discount on the price of the day ski pass at the ticket office and after your second day’s skiing. 

With your Ski Pass Plus+ you only pay the RRP of the ticket office on your first day of skiing in Grandvalira or Ordino Arcalís.

Consult our calculator 

From the second day at Grandvalira, you’ll enjoy a 15% discount on each of the following days you ski. Likewise, from the second day at Ordino Arcalís, you’ll enjoy a 15% discount on each of the following days you ski.

Important: to receive the 15% discount from the second day’s skiing you need to have skied for one day paying 100% of the day pass price at the same resort.

+ Save time

The Ski Pass Plus+ is contracted only through the Internet and physically delivered to the ticket offices. You have to indicate where you want to collect it, or at the ticket offices of Grandvalira or the ones of Ordino Arcalís. Once collected and activated, it allows you to ski every day of the season without having to go through the ticket offices, or do any other process. The cost of each skied day is charged to the card that has been linked to the ski pass.

+ Consumer control

Consumption can be consulted by entering the data and the access key to the web and see how much you save by skiing with the Ski Pass Plus+. Every day, there is extra information, such as the accumulated unevenness during the day

+ Advantages at the ski resort

With the Plus+ ski pass, you can benefit from a 5% discount on all the Ski Resort services in Grandvalira, and in the case of Ordino Arcalís, at the Ski and Snowboarding School, rent, shop and restoration. It is necessary to present the Ski Pass Plus+  to enjoy the discount.

Check the groups * that enjoy special rates at Grandvalira. Remember that this option must be marked at the moment of purchase of the product, and it will NOT be possible to add to this mode once the Plus + ski pass is contracted. Discounts associated to groups are only applicable to holders and family members who are linked to the same purchase.

Whre can you buy it?


You can only buy it on the website:

To make the purchase of the Ski Pass Plus+, you only need a credit card. During the purchase process, an initial amount of €1 will be charged for support. Any change must be notified at 

INSURANCE: If you want to hire the insurance, you have to made it during the purchase process of the Ski Pass Plus +. The cost of the insurance will be charged daily to the account along with the ski days. (Insurance price per day: €5.50). In the event that the insurance has not been added during the online purchase process, it may be done in time to do so, when you go to the ticket offices to collect your Ski Pass Plus+, making the request before " printing the ski pass. In case that the Ski Pass Plus+  has already been printed, you can only buy the season insurance (€59) Attention: once the first skiing is completed, the insurance can no longer be contracted.


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