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The best gifts for skiers

gifts for skiers

If one of your loved ones is a keen skier, you might be wondering what are the best gifts for skiers in order to surprise them during the holiday season or at their next birthday. Given that skiing is an activity with so many accessories and pieces of equipment, that means there is a wide range of potential presents for skiers, from small gifts for skiers to luxury gifts for skiers to funny gifts for skiers.

Here, in this guide to the top gifts for snow skiers in 2023, we’ll outline several of the most eye-catching pieces of ski merchandising. We’ve put together a list of five potential presents for skiers, so take note and perhaps you’ll find the perfect idea for the ski-loving friend or relative in your life.

A voucher for a ski store

If you’re thinking about presents for skiers, you may start off by asking yourself ‘What do I buy for skiing?’ to come up with some ideas. But, keep in mind that the person you’re shopping for might hold quite different tastes than you do. That’s why it’s better to avoid splashing out on a major piece of skiing equipment, such as the skis themselves, because you may end up forking out a lot of money on a gift that the skiing enthusiast in your life doesn’t absolutely love. As an alternative, and to play it safe, you can purchase a gift card or voucher from a ski store, so that your friend or relative can browse all the best gifts for skiers themselves.

Thermal phone case

If you’re determined to avoid the gift voucher route and to buy a physical gift that you can wrap up, one good and original idea is a thermal phone case. People who regularly go skiing will know that the cold weather can make a phone’s battery life drain quicker, so having a thermal phone case to keep the device insulated from the cold air is a very useful gadget. Furthermore, the best thermal phone cases for skiing are waterproof and sturdy, to also help protect the phone from suffering damage. Of all the gifts for skiers, this one will really show that you’ve put some thought in.

Neck gaiter 

A neck gaiter is one of the best gifts for snow skiers, as this is both practical and stylish. Of all the pieces of ski equipment, a neck gaiter – the garment worn around the neck to keep the cold out – is one of the items that best allows a skier to show off their personality. It’s a simple way to make skiing more fun. While jackets and poles only come in a select few colours, there are thousands of neck gaiter designs, meaning you can pick the colours and patterns that your loved one will appreciate the most. Furthermore, neck gaiters fall into the cheap gifts for skiers category, as they aren’t particularly expensive, while they are small and lightweight too. 

Hand warmers

Another of the small but practical gifts for skiers are hand warmers, which can even work as a good stocking filler. For many skiers, hand warmers are a must for a cold day out on the slopes, so they’ll be gratefully received if given as a gift. There are different price points for hand warmers, so you can spend the amount that suits your budget and show that you’ve thought about their passion for skiing at the same time.

Ski socks

Socks are a classic gift during the winter holiday season, so why not purchase a pack of ski socks for the skier in your life? Having good and durable ski socks is very important when taking to the slopes, so this will be a well-appreciated and practical gift, while there are also many fun ski socks designs out there to add some fun and creativity to this present. Without a doubt, ski socks are among the simplest but best gifts for skiers.