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Mushing in Andorra: Tips and tricks for beginners

Once you share the news with your friends and family that you’re going on an Andorra holiday, anyone who has visited the microstate before will probably start sharing some suggestions for Andorra activities with you. And, one of those suggestions might be for a mushing Andorra experience.

Mushing Andorra might be an unfamiliar term for some, but this is basically the name for Andorra dog sledding, the activity in which one or several dogs, almost always huskies, pull a customized sled. In this guide to mushing Andorra experiences, we’ll break down all you need to consider to work out if this is an activity you’d like to try out during your trip.

mushing andorra

What is mushing?

To answer the question of what is mushing, let’s take a look at the definition in the Cambridge Dictionary, which states: “Mushing is the sport or activity of controlling dogs pulling a vehicle over snow or dry land.”

As for why is it called mushing, this is related to the history of the practice. Although it is thought that the history of dog sledding goes back to 6000 BC, the modern term is believed to come from the French prospectors and ‘voyageurs’ who explored Canadian land during the 18th and 19th century. The French word for walk is “marcher” and this eventually led to “mushing” becoming the most common word in English for the practice of dog sledding.

As for the question of is mushing safe for dogs, it’s important to note that mushing is not a cruel practice for the dogs, so long as they are properly cared for. And, this is the case at most modern ski resorts that offer mushing experiences.

Why try mushing in Andorra?

Andorra is one of the top countries in Europe for booking a dog mushing experience. That’s because Andorra has guaranteed snowfall for so many months of the year, which is the main requirement, while the Pyrenean landscapes make for a beautiful backdrop during the ride.
While you’ll probably be visiting Andorra for other reasons, such as to focus on your skiing or snowboarding skills, taking one day to get to grips with the mushing Andorra culture is the perfect way to add a different kind of activity into the mix.

Where to try mushing in Andorra?

If you’re keen to try dog sledding in Andorra, you’ll be wondering where exactly you can do this. There are a couple of different routes you can try, from the Riba Escorxada (Grandvalira-El Tarter) circuits to the Adventure Activities Centre (Grandvalira-Grau Roig). Having the chance to experience Andorra dog sledding at the Grandvalira Resorts Andorra is ideal for everyone staying on site.

As for the musing Andorra prices, it starts from as little as €48 and there are even some good deals on family packages, so that you can book dog sledding for the whole family at an affordable rate.

What is the difference between mushing and sledding?

Finally, before concluding this mushing Andorra guide, let’s tackle one curious question that is often asked: is mushing the same as dog sledding? The answer here is that dog sledding is a version of dog mushing, although dog mushing is not always dog sledding. When the rig that is being pulled by the dogs is a sled, it is fine to replace the term “dog mushing” with “dog sledding”.

So, if you’re in the Pyrenees in winter and enquiring about this activity, you can ask to do Andorra dog sledding or Andorra dog mushing and you’ll be pointed in the right direction.