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Snake Gliss in Andorra

When you’ve planned a winter holiday in Andorra, the chances are that you’ll be looking forward to going down some snowy slopes from top to bottom. While that will usually mean skiing or snowboarding in Andorra, there are other ways of getting from A to B as well. One of them is Snake Gliss.

‘What is Snake Gliss?’, you might ask. Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to lay out below in this guide to Snake Gliss, as well as discussing where in Andorra you can practice what is one of the most delightful Andorra winter activities.

Ordino Arcalís Blog

What is the Snake Gliss?

You might never have heard of the phenomenon of Snake Gliss, but it has been bringing joy to groups of holiday-goers in Andorra for many years. Essentially, Snake Gliss is the name for the activity where several individual sleds are assembled together like a snake and piloted by a more experienced rider at the front.

With as many as 10 sleds all connected together, Snake Gliss is a much more communal winter activity and a more family-friendly one too. The snake, or the train, as some call it, is almost always piloted by an experienced instructor if you’re doing this activity at a ski resort. In Andorra, that’s certainly the case. That means you can be safe in the hands of a knowledgeable guide, who’ll know how to perform the activity securely and who’ll also know the ins and outs of the routes, so that you can see as much beautiful scenery as possible during your ride.

One other aspect of the Snake Gliss that people really like is that there isn’t any skill involved. It can, therefore, come as a nice relaxing break from your skiing or snowboarding pursuits or, if you’re completely new to the world of going on holiday to a ski resort, it also means there is an activity you can do as well as anyone else from day one.

So, if you’re going to a ski resort in the near future and you’re going to be part of a large group of family or friends, look into Snake Gliss as it’ll be a communal experience you’ll never forget. It also makes for a great group photo!

Where can I enjoy Snake Gliss?

You can try out Snake Gliss in Andorra, as there is a route organised by Grandvalira which starts from Espiolets and runs to the town of Soldeu, passing through the tracks of Astoret, Ós and Bosc Fosc. All in all, that descent lasts approximately one hour.

In Andorra, the Snake Gliss experience at Grandvalira is suitable for ages three and up, so long as young children are accompanied by an adult. It isn’t even necessary to have an Andorra season ski pass to be able to do Snake Gliss in Andorra. As such, this is one of the most family-oriented activities you can do out there on the snow.

There are a few requirements if you’re going on a Snake Gliss ride. As well as young children – from three to five years old – needing to be accompanied by one adult in the snake of sleds, it is also mandatory to wear mountain or snow boots, rather than ski boots. A helmet is needed too, although this can be provided if you don’t have one. Finally, the maximum weight for an adult is 120 kilograms.

These are all simple requirements with safety and comfort in mind, so that you can have the most fun possible when going down a Pyrenean slope as part of a Snake Gliss experience.