Seasons Passes go on sale at Grandvalira Resorts

Grandvalira, Pal Arinsal and Ordino Arcalís launch the Early Booking promotional period, with reduced prices on the Andorra Pass, the Nord Pass and the Mountain Pass


The 2023-2024 Seasons Tickets go on sale today at Grandvalira Resorts. For the second winter in a row, the offer includes three types of passes. First is the Andorra Pass, which provides unlimited access to the three resorts in the Principality — Grandvalira, Pal Arinsal and Ordino Arcalís — with more than 300 skiable kilometres. Then there is the Nord Pass, which gives access to Pal Arinsal and Ordino Arcalís, and includes up to four ski days at Grandvalira. Finally, there is the Mountain Pass, for practising snow sports other than alpine skiing at Andorra’s mountain resorts.

Grandvalira, Pal Arinsal and Ordino Arcalís are scheduled to open from 1 December to 7 April, weather conditions permitting, for a total of 129 days and 20 weeks operational. The Season Passes are valid for winter as well as for the lifts operating during summer 2024, including those of the Pal Arinsal Bike Park. Plus, like in recent years, Grandvalira Resorts rewards customer loyalty by offering a 5% discount for anyone who had a 2022-2023 Andorra Pass, Nord Pass or Mountain Pass. This discount applies in all three 2023-24 Season Pass sales periods (Early Booking, Promo and Full-Price). At first, the Season Passes will be on sale for non-residents of Andorra and they will then go on sale for residents as well. Likewise, for now passes can only be purchased and topped up on the websites of Grandvalira, Pal Arinsal and Ordino Arcalís, and there will be several points for picking them up starting 1 October.


Early Booking, Promo and Full-Price Periods

For the fourth consecutive year, Grandvalira Resorts has an Early Booking period, which offers the option to purchase Season Passes at a reduced price and paid in instalments if topped up or purchased online, as well a money-back guarantee. This period will extend until 30 September for non-residents of Andorra. The Promotional period for buying Season Passes will start 1 October and last until 10 December. From the following day, the Full-Price period will begin and run until the end of the season.


Andorra Pass, Nord Pass and Mountain Pass

Loyal customers who are not residents of the Principality can purchase the Andorra Pass — which provides access to all the country's resorts with more than 300 skiable km — for €775 during the Early Booking Period, while the price for new customers during this initial period is €815, which is a more than 30% discount from the Full-Price period. When the Promotional period starts on 1 October, loyal non-resident customers can purchase the Andorra Pass for €850 and new customers will pay €895. Finally, when the Full-Price period begins on 11 December, the price will be €1,145 and €1,205 for loyal and new customers, respectively.

The Nord Pass — which provides unlimited access to Pal Arinsal and Ordino Arcalís, and includes up to four ski days at Grandvalira for non-residents of Andorra — can be purchased by loyal non-resident customers during Early Booking for €585, while the price for new customers is €615, which is up to 25% less than during the Full-Price period. During the Promotional period, loyal customers who are non-residents of Andorra can purchase the Nord Pass for €660, while new customers can buy it for €695. Starting 11 December and through the end of the season, the price will be €779 for loyal non-resident customers and €820 for new customers.

Finally, the Mountain Pass — which lets you practice snow sports other than alpine skiing at the resorts of Grandvalira, Pal Arinsal, Ordino Arcalís and Naturland — remain the same price as they were last season and can be purchased online at any of the websites of the three resorts for €150. Remember that the Mountain Pass provides daily, unlimited access to the available ski mountaineering routes and areas suitable for snowshoeing, as well as one ascent and one descent per day on a total of 13 lifts. The pass also includes access to lifts that are operating in summer. Additionally, the Mountain Pass includes the first aid service and transfer to the resort’s medical centre in the event of an accident on one of the circuits or slopes designed for the activity in question.


Purchasing and topping up Season Passes online

To facilitate the purchasing process and to make it more responsible and sustainable, Grandvalira Resorts once again encourages customers to reuse and top up their passes on the websites of Grandvalira, Pal Arinsal and Ordino Arcalís. In this way, in addition to reducing the waste from physical passes, customers can get right on the slopes starting opening day without having to go through the ticket offices. Importantly, for now purchasing and topping up can only be done through the online channels, and various points for picking up the passes will be opened starting 1 October.


Money-back guarantee

The Money-back guarantee ensures that 2023-2024 Season Pass customers get to ski or receive their money back. Customers who have purchased the Andorra Pass or Nord Pass online before 10 December and have skied fewer than five days during the season will be refunded according to the number of days skied.

Grandvalira Resorts undertakes to refund the proportional part of the total amount of the ski pass. The ski days will be charged at the ticket office day-pass rate for the resort skied, both for the Andorra Pass and the Nord Pass. Customers can apply for this benefit during the season and until 7 April 2024 through the web form.


Season Ski Pass Advantages

Both the Andorra Pass and the Nord Pass can be easily purchased online and paid in three instalments with no interest or additional fees. The application period for these instalment payments will be open until 10 December 2023 and only for purchases made online using a credit card.

Additionally, purchasing the Andorra Pass, the Nord Pass or the Mountain Pass lets you benefit from the following advantages:

-           5% discount for renewal

-           10% discount on resort services

-           Special friends and family discounts

-           Ski guarantee

-           Early purchase online money-back guarantee

-           Special benefits and discounts on services within and outside the resorts

-           One day pass to invite a friend

-           Grandvalira Resorts offers a free gift (while stocks last) when you purchase one of the 2023-2024 Season Passes

-           Entry to the Pal Arinsal Bike Park during the 2024 summer season

-           Access to lifts operating in the three resorts during the 2024 summer months

-           Access to top-level international resorts in Europe, Asia and America (soon you will be able to look up the map of destinations and conditions through the websites of the resorts)



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