4th of December, 2020

Ski in Andorra, the Pyrenees country

Ordino Arcalís couldn’t be in a better place, Andorra. Discover with us the Pyrenean country between France and Spain with amazing landscapes and a natural entourage to enjoy snow and fresh air. Whilst visitors can enjoy hundreds of experiences at Ordino Arcalís throughout the year, its location in Andorra multiplies the opportunities infinitely.

Andorra, the Pyrenean country between Spain and France, is the ideal destination for all those who seek nature. Snow in winter, fresh air in summer. Incredible landscapes, natural parks, hiking routes, mountain bike and ecotourism.

The location is ideal, too, for those who want to go shopping and delight in Andorra’s vast number of different establishments, with full product ranges embracing all sectors imaginable.

Not only that, if you are looking for wellbeing, rest and relaxation and health and beauty treatment you have come to the right place. Don’t miss one of Andorra’s most popular attractions, Caldea spa and leisure centre.

A huge range of outstanding cultural sites and activities also await you in Andorra. Museums, art galleries, monuments, festivals, superb Romanesque art …

Another great pleasure you will undoubtedly discover here is the country’s cuisine. Quality, diversity, traditional dishes, seasonal specialities… all this and more makes Andorra a gastronomic paradise, all year round.

Andorra is a place you will love to return to. There is so much to do, to see, to discover… you’ll have to come back again and again!

To read more, visit:… visitandorra.com

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