Campings in Andorra la Vella

campings in andorraNot only is there so much variety in terms of the activities you can participate in during a holiday to Andorra, the country of the Pyrenees, but there is a wide range in terms of Andorra accommodation options. While many will automatically think of hotels or chalets, another option for your holiday is one of the many Andorra campsites.

Logically, the camping Andorra options will depend on the weather and time of year too, but this is absolutely an option that many visitors to the principality consider. So, in this guide to how to go camping Andorra wide, we’ll outline all you need to know about this type of Andorra accommodation.

Best camping in Andorra

The official Andorra tourism office explains that there are six official Andorra camping sites in the microstate. These are each outlined below, ranked in order of the best Andorra campsites according to customer reviews: 

Camping Casal Andorra

Casal Camping Andorra is widely regarded as the top option for families looking for a campsite, because of the excellent amenities, which include a children’s play park and WiFi, as well as the closeness to the Grandvalira-Soldeu cable car in the parish of Canillo.

Camping Valira Andorra

Another highly rated option is the Valira site, not least because this is a camping in Andorra la Vella, the capital of the microstate. It is actually one of the cheapest Andorra campsites too, and its location is exactly what many families are looking for when they search for camping Andorra. 

Camping Santa Creu Andorra

Although a little more basic, Santa Creu is also one of the best Andorra campsites, located in the parish of Canillo. With a mix of plots for putting up your own tent or for renting in-place structures, this is a good option for anyone going skiing or exploring in this part of the country.

Camping Xixerella Andorra

Although this campsite, in the Erts part of Andorra, is a little smaller than some of the others, it more than makes up for that with the beautiful scenery nearby, as it is part of the Xixerella Park complex.

Camping Borda Ansalonga Andorra

Boasting an equal rating to Xixerella is the Camping Andorra Borda Ansalonga, which is found in the lovely Andorran parish of Ordino. It boasts all the main amenities you’d need and is close to the Ordino Arcalís ski resort

Camping Janramon Andorra

The Janramon site is another which is located in Canillo and it too offers spots for putting up your own tent, while there are also bungalows on site for those looking for a more comfortable accommodation option. 

Is wild camping allowed in Andorra?

No, wild camping is not legal in Andorra. In general, wild camping Andorra wide is illegal, although there is one loophole, since it may be permitted in certain circumstances if you’re camping next to a hut when that hut is already full of people.

That is a rare exception, though, and anyone planning wild camping in Andorra la Vella, the capital city, should know that this isn’t going to be possible.

It should be noted that there exists a spot called the Font de Ferrosins Camping Area, which is still official and recognised by the Andorra tourism board but which is closer to wild camping than a stay at the other official Andorra campsites mentioned above.

What do I have to consider when camping in Andorra with a dog?

If you’re going to be bringing a pet on your camping Andorra trip, and if you’re staying at one of the official Andorra campsites, you’ll have to check if it is pet friendly. Most of the Andorra campsites are pet friendly and make it clear on their websites, but it’s wise to check beforehand.

Some of the Andorra camping sites also have slightly different pet policies. For example, some will allow dogs to roam freely, while others require them to be on a leash. Again, this can all be checked before booking.

What do I have to consider on the road when camping in Andorra?

If you’re wondering about camping on the side of the road in Andorra, for example in a motorhome, it should be noted that this is illegal in Andorra. That said, there are motorhome campsites Andorra wide and you can set up there for low cost.

If you are not sure, we leave you other accommodations in andorra.