How to transport skis in a car

how to transport skis in carIf you own your own skis and are excited to get back on them during your upcoming ski holiday, you’ll need to consider how to transport your skis to the ski resort. If you’re visiting Andorra and travelling to Ordino Arcalís, you might be able to drive to the resort depending on which part of Europe you’re coming from. Even if you’re travelling from the UK to Andorra, taking the car might be an option. If that’s your plan, it’s time to think about packing a car for a ski trip and how to transport skis in car.

Things to consider when you transport skis by car

There are many ways of transporting skis in car, from buying and installing a rack to simply placing the skis inside in the boot or backseats. Below, we’ll outline the various pros and cons of transporting skis in car, but the first thing to consider is that you’ll want to make sure your skis are as well-protected as possible, no matter which method you pick. At the end of the day, skis are expensive and you don’t want them to get damaged or even stolen simply because of transporting skis in car.

Different ways to transport skis by car

The very best way to transport skis on a car will vary depending on your specific circumstances, but here we’re going to outline three good ways of transporting skis by car:

Installing a ski rack for a car: When you think about transporting skis in car, the first image that probably comes to mind is that of a ski rack for cars. This is certainly a popular option and solves the issue of skis being very long and awkward to fit inside the car. With ski racks, it’s also very easy to access your skis. Plus, there are different types of ski racks for cars, from a hitch-mounted ski rack to a roof-mounted ski rack to a window-mounted ski rack.
Using a cargo box on the car’s roof: If you want to keep your skis hidden away, to make it less likely that they’ll be stolen and to help keep them cleaner during the drive, a cargo box on the roof of the car is also an option for how to transport skis in a car. This is a popular choice since it provides you with more space for packing luggage, not just your ski-related equipment.
Putting your skis in the back of the car: The simplest of all the options might just be to put your skis inside the car. If you’re travelling with just one or two people, then simply fold down the rear seats and you should have enough space to place your skis behind you. Of course, this might not be possible for families or larger groups.As a side note, if you’re wondering how do I travel with a snowboard or how do you store a snowboard on top of a car, the answers and the methods are similar to those outlined for transporting skis in car.

Advantages and disadvantages of transporting skis by car

The issue of what is the best way to transport skis on a car can also be decided by having a think about the advantages and disadvantages of each method of how to transport skis in a car.

With transporting skis in car ski rack, the pros include the extra space you’ll save inside the car, but the cons include the higher risk of them being seen and being stolen, plus the fact they might get dirtier through road grime and salt.

Then, with a cargo box, you also have extra space and you reduce the risk of theft of skis, but they can be expensive to buy and they might reduce your fuel economy and hike up the amount of gas you need for your trip.

Finally, you can keep your skis in the car and this avoids some of the negatives of a ski rack or cargo box, but this will take up a lot of space and, with some smaller cars or those without folding seats, it’s simply not possible.

As such, it’s worth taking the time to decide which method of transporting skis in car is best for you. And, if you reach the conclusion that it might be easier to simply avoid the stress of bringing your own gear, know that ski equipment rentals at Ordino Arcalís are available.